100% made in Germany since 1919

We manufacture electric branding irons, welding irons and soldering irons.

Since 1919, all we’re striking for is providing you with the best branding tools available. We are the only manufacturer of the ledgendary ALK-branding irons which are sold under the original and sometimes other names in the market.

About us

Unique quality and performance

Our manufacturing takes place in Kiel, Northern Germany, since the very beginning and we love to work with our customers throughout Europe and some parts of the rest of the world. What’s really different to other products is extremely solid quality, strong wattage and our experience from decades of stamp production.

Versatile products

Our branding irons offer a wide range of applications

Our tools are being used to permanently mark any kind of wood, plastics, leather and other things: Some companies use ALK tools to comply with regulatory requirements such as IPPC-markings within the EU. Others use our stamps to create stylish logos on give-aways and packaging. Or to protect their wooden belongings. Or to mark their own beautiful products. And so on.

Our products

Made to last.

All branding irons are also available with: Engravings



The branding iron suitable for almost all



The branding iron with the extra power



Large branding iron for large projects

Welding and soldering iron

For professionals

Spares & Services

Heat controller

Our tools use the perfect temperature for many purposes in standard use. If you have a specific requirement it might be an option to lower the heat provided. NS2003 is a controller that can control the wattage.

Spare parts

Just about anything you might need for your ALK tool, we have it. Due to the designs of our stamps, we can provide spare parts even for stamps that have been in use for a long, long time. This includes branding plates, heating elements, wodden handles etc.

Letters and numbers

If you would like to change certain marking elements such as serial numbers or names, we can help. Our services include preparing the burning plate for exchangeable elements (dovetail connection) and providing you with the right set of letters and numbers.


Sometimes, your product needs help. Send it to us for fast relief. We can exchange burning elements, replace broken wires or whatever else is needed.


What differentiates your products from others?

Quality and heat is key. Our stamps are build to quickly heat up and provide enough power to keep working even if you use them for multiple brandings in short periods of time. So if you compare us to other stamps, take a close look at the voltage and wattage. All material used is extremely solid and provides the quality needed for years to come.

How do I find the perfect branding iron size?

Find a stamp as close to your actual marking need but allow 1-2mm from the marking size to the actual stamp size.

Where do I buy your products?

Almost every stamp dealer in Europe sells our products. Simply contact your local dealer. But you can also conveniently purchase our products from our store.

How do I cool down used stamps quickly?

PLEASE DO NOT USE WATER! Our stamps are built with electric materials and will break if soaked in water. Many of our customers use stones to deposit the stamps as they are hot, some more than 400 degrees Celsius.

Why does the side part surface area sometimes look scrumbled after first usages?

The side parts of our smaller stamps (Standard ALK) are galvanized but not coated. If the surface look changes it is not technically changing the quality of the product and you can keep using it for any of the purposes you need it for.

How do I control temperature to mark different materials?

We offer a control unit that changes the stamps voltage and therefore alters the heat being produced. You can use it and find the perfect heat needed to brand your specific surface material.

Can I use my own delivery service to pick up deliveries?

We are currently using DPD for all standard and express deliveries throughout the world. This makes pricing competitive and processes smooth. Please understand that we therefore do not provide pick-up for other delivery services.


Norddeutsche Apparate-Bau-Anstalt builds branding stamps and soldering irons, but does not offer engraving services. We offer direct sales and also work with our long-term distributors.

Insights into the history

A long history of good quality work made in Germany


Company foundation

When our predecessors sat down together in 1919 to start a new company, they pledged to deliver the best possible quality at all times. Today, this principle is still of utmost importance to us. Together with our further principle that good performance can only be achieved with a good team and the conviction that only self-built products can be perfect.


Over the decades, Norddeutsche Appartebau has been able to build a wide range of quality products, with electric heaters at their very core. Some of today’s components are still based on the drawings from 1945, and while communication, distribution and much more has changed, ALK branding stamps are still as up-to-date today as they were in the early days.

Looking ahead

Just recently (March 2014), the most recent leadership change took place. This was accompanied by the introduction of a modern production process including CAD design and CNC machining, paving the way for scaling output in the future. All of us at Norddeutsche Apparatebau thank Jutta and Peter Lyck for their many years of service and pledge to continue their intentions for many decades to come. For our company, but even more for our valued customers and partners. Let us continue the tradition of ALK stamps together!


In 2017, we decided to leave the increasingly scarce premises at the Kieler Seefischmarkt. On the one hand with a tearful eye, as the location at the Kiel Fjord was an integral part of our history, on the other hand our new building allowed us to realize all our requirements for an efficient production. After only 6 months of construction we could already start our production at the new location. Since 1919, our major corporate goal has been to provide you with the best burning tools commercially available.


About us

Our products can be used for permanent marking of a wide variety of materials such as wood, plastic, leather or cardboard.






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